Floppy disc gets reborn as a CD-R


Floppy Disc CDR

I remember when I was in grade school, we had computers that used floppy discs. I’m talking about the big 5.25-inch discs. We later got new computers that also used floppy discs, yet these were much smaller, and by no means floppy. Those were good for holding documents that you really didn’t care much about. I say that because they seemed to have a very high failure rate. That’s why I was really excited when CD-Rs became cheap enough to replace the older technology. However, floppy discs are back, in CD-R form.

The square CD-Rs look almost identical to the old floppy discs we knew and loved. They even have the old labels for you to write on. They only hold 200MB, but that’s still plenty more than the old floppies held. They’re pretty salty though, at $14 a pop, or 4 for $32. Honestly, I rarely even use CD-Rs anymore, as my flash drive takes care of most of my needs.

Source: Geeked Info

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