Power House: Eco-friendly for the Next Generation

by Mark R

Power House

I believe that there is or was some show done by Ed Begley (formerly of St. Elsewhere) and Bill Nye the Science Guy did some show about a house they were building that is completely self-sustainable and can even give energy back.

I don’t know how that worked out for those two gentlemen, but we are constantly being told that we really need to save energy. And, if we aren’t going to do it, then we need to train the next generation to do so.

Hence the Power House kit. This is a toy probably designed for children, but one that adults need to learn from. This toy teaches some excellent principles about regenerative energy sources including solar power, wind power, even electrochemical and plant energy.

There are other uses for this product besides a model house, an electric train, windmill, solar cooker, solar hot water tank, hygrometer, electric motor, power hoist, sail car, and pretty much anything else you would need for some serious energy saving action.

I would have to say that a product like this is desperately needed. And, unlike other products of science made for kids, they really encourage them to appreciate the environment.

It is available at the Discover This website for a sale price of $129.95.

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