Latest Tech News – 3 December

by Tiago


NYPD gives iPods to recruits

The New York Police Department came up with an interesting way to offer content for academy recruits. Instead of the old-school books that take too much space, they opted to go digital and are now using iPods that come loaded with content related to the course, such as the NY Penal Law, warrants, criminal procedure, ethics, and more.

What is a good move? Certainly! To start with, they won’t need to burn more trees to make books, that is, unless they are using recycled paper.

Having the classes content on the iPod, also means that recruits can watch (or listen) to it while “going home on the subway”, exercising on the gym, or even while taking a bath. Obviously, there must be a waterproof case for the last option…

Britney Spears on top of Yahoo! Canada searches

Inside the world wide web, Yahoo! Canada has released its top 10 list of online searches, and surprisingly (or not) the drama queen also known as Britney Spears, is on that list. Sadly, for her, she is number 2, while “hockey news” gets the first place.

Some of the other terms on the top search list made by Canadian folks, include: American Idol, Revenue Canada, Ontario Lottery, and last but not least, Paris Hilton.

Terminator in a movie theater game shop near you…

For the people that love the Terminator saga, there is one more reason to be happy, not counting with the upcoming movie of course. Halcyon has announced that there is a Terminator game being made, it will be released at the same time as the next Terminator movie, in 2009, and will be available in a couple of different formats, such as mobile phones, and next-gen gaming consoles.

Source – Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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