CDSoft-R Cryptex from Soft-R Research


cd-cryptex.jpgSoft-R Research LLC has just unleashed an “all-in-one” self-recordable CD that features the added advantage of in-built encryption technology. Dubbed the CDSoft-R Cryptex “digital safe box”, this unique self-recordable CD brings together a simple recording wizard with the ability to automatically encrypt and secure your data – and in this very process, removes any trace of your files used on the computer so that you cannot be tracked down by destroying every single Temp file whenever the CD is removed. Sounds like a pretty neat trick for those who don’t want their tracks to be discovered – this could potentially be a very potent tool for those who are involved in data espionage.

According to Jean-Marc Pinson, CEO of Soft-R Research LLC, “CD-R’s media are missing security and encryption. The need of encrypting and securing data on CD is today a reality and our CDSoft-R TM Cryptex is fully addressing that need”. I wonder when will recordable DVDs get the same treatment, since those can hold way more information than a standard CD? Pinson also cited the Darling case in England where a couple of discs containing the personal information of 25 million people were sent via mail from one English government department to another but never arrived. If only the person responsible for what happened had access to the CDSoft-R Cryptex earlier – his/her bacon could have been saved.

For those who are curious to know how this works at a user level, the CDSoft-R Cryptex is but a standard CD-R that integrates a very tiny and uncomplicated recording wizard. This pre-loaded media technology does not require any installation procedure whatsoever, enabling you to get down to the nitty gritty of safely encrypting and recording your data in an uncomplicated, inexpensive and fast manner. All you need to do is insert the CDSoft-R Cryptex, select the desired files, click Record and you’re good to go. Whatever file saved will be automatically encrypted and saved, doing away with the need to hunt down the appropriate software to set up and record your CD.

Source: Gizmag

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