BUG Labs technology like a new kind of Erector Set

by Mark R

Bug Labs

I have never heard of Bug Labs before I wrote this article, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more of them. Bug Labs has created some sort of modular type of gadget that can do a lot of things.

For example, if you want to make a digital camera that can geotag your pictures, then email them to family and friends, then set it up with a camera module, viewscreen module, and GPS. You can even attach a Nintendo DS emulator if you wish.

In fact, the possibilities are limitless. I’m thinking that any sort of mobile or electronic gadget you want can be built just by assembling a few of the hardware parts together and installing some software. Think of it as an Erector Set for adults, or better yet, a Lego Mindstorms for any age.

The real trick, though is putting in the software. Bug Labs says that is it is “easy” for a user to make its particular gadgets, but others sources I’ve read says that is will probably take some sort of programmer to figure this out.

Still, this could easily change the electronic market as well. Just think if we can have any gadget we want. Who needs a cellphone and an iPod if I can buy one unit that does it all?
In other words, you go, Bug Labs.

Via Bug Labs

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