Bowling Game for boring Mondays


bowling-game.jpgFancy going out for a bowling game with your mates, but have yet to get permission from the missus? The Bowling Game could help stave off your itch temporarily.

This bowling game allows you to roll strikes, spares, and gutter balls on a desk or table. Players use the ramp to aim and hurl the steel ball down the lane; the ramp slides across the width of the lane to provide the necessary ball-release angles for picking up the dreaded seven-ten split. The solid oak lane has target arrows that provide a visual guide, and the pins are easy to set up, yet offer a stern challenge to both novice and seasoned tabletop bowlers.

The Bowling Game is available from Hammacher for $39.95.

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Jay Says: April 5, 2008 at 1:36 pm

That’s a nice little bowling gadget. If you can’t go out with your mates, which is part of the reason to take up bowling anyway 🙂 this little game will do, but I also like the video bowling games like on the Nintendo Wii. At least that simulates the bowling motions.

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