Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter To Make Wrapping Easier

p13191a.jpgOne point of contention this holiday season is wrapping presents – most people don’t like doing it. Between the folding and the taping and the use of ribbon (or do you use those sticky bows instead) but by far the biggest headache of all when you are wrapping gifts is cutting the wrapping paper itself. Tearing, cutting it all crooked and horrible and if you don’t get it straight (or as close to it as you can) you most times will have to start over. Lots of wasted paper and frustration ruin what could (and should) be a fun time of year.

The folks over at X-Treme Geek sell this nifty little gift wrapping tool (and savior to wrapping paper everywhere) called the Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter. Its unique shape makes it comfortable to hold and faster, easier and more accurate than using scissors – making clean cuts even if your hand isn’t so steady.

This German-made paper slitter, with recessed blades, pushes easily through wrapping paper – as quickly as you can move your hand – and eliminates the hand-fatigue produced by even spring-loaded scissors during a long gift-wrapping session. Replacement blades are available so you can use it year after year, even after your gift wrapping is done.

Pick one up for yourself for just under $9 bucks.

Product Features:

  • Precision blade crafted in Germany
  • Blade removable for easy replacement

Product Specifications:

  • Measurements: 4 1/2″L x 5/8″W x 3 1/4″H

[via X-Treme Geek]