Petzl e+LITE – Not Just For Camping Anymore

by Carolyn

p16203a.jpgLet’s face it. Not many of us gadget geeks go camping. But does that mean that we can’t use camping accessories in our everyday lives?

Take the Petzl e+LITE headlamp. It features three white LED bulbs provide even lighting throughout your field of view without blank spots in the beam. It also has a red LED bulb to aid your ability to see in the dark without experiencing night blindness caused by rush of bright light against the eye. The rotating lockable power switch controls light modes: maximum, economy and flashing strobe. For added versatility, the lamp can be removed from its headstrap and, using its integrated clip, mounted to a belt, cap brim or pack strap.

Also, the light source rotates 360° on a ball joint—increasing versatility in tight quarters – and has a removable elastic band featuring a cordlock that allows the headlamp to be worn on the head or wrist or secured to a fixed object. It’s waterproof down to one meter and includes a protective carrying case that measures a mere 3.25 x 1.75 inches.

Great for working under your desk plugging in all your new gadgets from the holidays, or if you’re putting in a new video card in your machine. Perfect for trying to see amidst all the cords behind your television while you hook up your brand new gaming console and for use in the attic or basement while getting your Christmas decorations stowed away after the holidays. Oh, and you can use it at night when you’re camping too.

Pick one up for $29.95.

[via X-Treme Geek]

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