Boba Fett the Bounty Hunting Bobble Head


Boba Fett Bobble Head

Out of all the Sci-Fi baddies Boba Fett has got to be the coolest, so here we have the Boba Fett Bobble Head.

Ok, so think back to before the prequels diluted all that was cool about Star Wars. Imagine back before all the Stormtroopers were all clones, and were just goobers in white. Before Jango’s son was revealed to be yet another genetic replica, Boba Fett ruled the stars. Sure he fell into a big pit of teeth to be digested over many years, but before that, he was great. So great, in fact, that this bounty hunter extraordinaire thought of a side job to cash in on his fame. He knew where the big money was – not in catching bounty, but in merchandising.

The Boba Fett Bobble Head can be guiding your desk for $12.99.

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