Tefal QuickCup – Makes a Cup of Coffee in 3 Seconds


Tefal QuickCup
The Tefal QuickCup heats water in 3 seconds, so instead of waiting for the kettle to boil you can have a lovely mug of Java in around 10 seconds, cool.

So how does this sleek gizmo work? Easy, just press the red button and mind-boggling ‘Opti-Quick’ technology sends enough water for one brew up the QuickCup’s heating element in a spiral movement, heating it immediately as it travels. Simply program the QuickCup to dispense the perfect amount of water for your favourite cup. This means it doesn’t waste energy heating water you don’t need.

You can buy the QuickCup from Firebox for £49.95 (~$104) or Amazon.co.uk.

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