Soothing Herbal Heat Slippers


soothing-herbal-heat-slippers.jpgStave off the chilly winter with this pair of Soothing Herbal Heat Slippers.

These slippers have a removable herbal insert that may be placed in a freezer or in a microwave, providing up to one hour of aromatic heat or cold therapy for tired, sore, or swollen feet. Made of soft sherpa fleece, the slippers have a tie-string top and a non-slip dimpled polyester sole. The insert contains lavender, chamomile, cinnamon, peppermint, lemongrass, clove, yarrow, spearmint, yellow dock, valerian root, white willow, flax seed, and rice. Its cover can be washed separately. One size fits most. Imported. Pink or Ivory.

Sounds like a gift to thaw even the most scorned lady’s heart out. The Soothing Herbal Heat Slippers can be yours for $29.95.

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