Little black bag blocks phone transmissions


Black Hole Bag

Every now and then you run across something that is so bizarre that you can’t help but wonder what its creators were thinking when the designed it. My most recent discovery finally solves the issue of what to do with your cell phone when you’re in a movie theater, or anywhere else where you don’t want it to be heard. Obviously you’re going to need something special in order to achieve this.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a magic bag? This bag would allow you to put in a phone, any phone, and it would completely block all transmissions to and from said phone. I’ve always wanted a way to either keep my cell phone quiet, or just generally make myself unavailable for chatting.

What the creators of this product might not have known is that there are a few magic buttons on mobile phones that take care of these problems. First, you have your volume button; this awesome button not only makes your phone quiet, but can enable the vibrate feature to quietly alert you to incoming calls. Then you have the ever-present power button. Just press and hold, then your phone will stop taking calls altogether. If your phone happens to be missing either of these buttons, or you’re paranoid about the government tapping into your phone while you’re sleeping, you can pick one up for $12.

Source: CrunchGear

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