LG Chocolate now comes in Blue Ice color


I don’t know about you – but the LG Chocolate seems to have been around for like, forever by now. Strange to see that Verizon Wireless still thinks that the LG Chocolate has a few miles left in its legs where cellphone sales are concerned. The result of this undying belief is a brand new color for the LG Chocolate – and this time, consumers get to choose the Blue Ice color just in case they missed the Chocolate boat by more than a year. The Blue Ice edition boasts a “silky-smooth slim slider design that comes coated with a frosty blue finish and includes the must-have multimedia capabilities for the music and entertainment lover on your holiday list.”

Other than the change in color, there will be nothing different in the LG Chocolate Blue Ice where hardware is concerned. It still comes with the same old vibration feedback on the touch sensitive keypad, a navigation wheel with the classic red trace motion lighting that kicked off the whole shebang, and a microSD memory card slot which is capable of holding up to 4GB worth of data, be it entertainment or otherwise. Consumers who decide that the LG Chocolate Blue Ice is still a decent enough phone to carry around these days will be able to take advantage of the quick and easy access to V CAST Music, the Verizon Wireless service that offers more than 2.4 million songs for download over-the-air, and V CAST Video, which offers news, sports and entertainment video clips, 3D games and more.

In addition, there is VZ Navigator, a popular tool available on the Chocolate which comes with mapping, audible turn-by-turn navigation and access to information on more than 14 million points of interest. Other features consist of a 1.3 megapixel camera, speakerphone and Bluetooth headset capabilities round out the features wrapped in frosty blue. After all this while, the price of the Blue Ice has dropped to a mere $79.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate in addition to a new 2-year customer agreement at Verizon Wireless.

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  1. i don’t care what u say
    the LG blue ice chocolate is hot
    and i’m getting it on Wed
    so ha ha in ur face

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