Laptop Bags for the Ladies

by Carolyn

ladies_laptop_bags.jpgNow I’m a lady who has a laptop. I know lots of other ladies who have laptops. I’m sure all of you out there in the internets has a lady (or more) in their life who has a laptop. What do we all carry our laptops around with? Usually some boring, ho-hum bag – most likely the bag that came with the laptop in the first place (if it came with one at all).

Say good bye, ladies, to the boring laptop bags. ThinkGeek is selling what they call “Ladies Laptop Bags” and features three different styles which should cover most ladies taste and preferences: a black faux crocodile, a pink quilted faux suede, and a modern canvas stripe.

The bags feature a two-zipper, meet in the middle style to make it easier to get to your stuff. The outside may be posh, but the inside hides a crazy interior with a little dancing mango print on the interior fabric. It also has all the requisite padding and straps to hold your laptop secure. In addition, there’s a little bag for all the cords, adapters, clips, bobs and other things you need to take along with you. If that wasn’t enough, there’s an interior pocket for paperwork, compartments for pens, cellphone and MP3 player and a zippered pocket for everything else.

The Stripe and Pink Quilted have brown pleather around the edges and the same style handles. The Black Croc is faux croc all over. All come with four protective bag feet to prevent wear and tear to the bottom of your bag.

These bags range in price from $39.99 – $54.99. Way cheaper than the Louis Vuitton bag that’s $1,500.  Egads.


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Chris Says: November 27, 2012 at 4:34 pm

That pink one really looks gorgeous, nice gift for my love one this Christmas.

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