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by Mark R


Maybe you are one of those people who are addicted to Google Live Earth, who just love to look at Earth from afar. Be prepared to go to the next step with the Earthdesk.

The Earthdesk is a wallpaper that shows a view of the Earth that is in a state of constant change. It uses geographical and time zone statistics to create a very rich image.

For example, there is a clear shading to show night, twilight, and day. There is also cloud covers that display at three hour intervals, even light shown by cities and even moonlight. You can even lock the map to a city, or the sun and moon.

This is pretty nice to look at, and it beats whatever else you can find to put on your desktop wallpapers these days. Instead of a slideshow of your own personal photos, there is one that really covers the whole Earth.

So, I wonder if you can use this to catch some hurricanes before they strike, right? Maybe even catch that rare perfect storm. Too bad you can point the satellite imagery the other way, so you can see if any asteroids are coming. How else are we going to prevent the next big asteroid hit?

Anyway, if you want the Earthdesk, you can get it for about $24.00.

Via Cool Hunting

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Desktop Backgrounds Says: June 2, 2008 at 5:50 am

very cool desktop….any possibility on a wide screen version?

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