Ultra Violet Pen and Light comes with Message Shredder

Message Pen

This next device is for spies. That’s right, for spies. If you are a spy, be sure not to comment, because that message can be traced.

However, I found this great product that allows you to write messages with secret ink. And it is much better than that milk and lemon juice that can be seen under an ordinary light. This is some special ink that can only be seen under ultra-violet light.

And then, then! After you write the message, this pen has a built in shredder. Unless your enemy has a bunch of Scotch tape, your enemies will probably never read your languages.

Okay, I don’t really see any practical use for this unless you are a spy, but if you’re playing spy, it is quite a toy. Perhaps that is why this recommended for ages 7 and up. Maybe you and your office mates can purchase a bunch of them and get messages out to your coworkers so the boss will never be the wiser.

The Ultra-Violet Pen and Light with Message Shredder can be purchased on the Spycatcher of Knightsbridge website, which I can only assume is British in origin. I say that because the price is in pounds, like about 4.99.

Via Product Page