Nightmare Before Xmas Little Taps


nightmare-littletaps.jpgChristmas is coming, and what better way to celebrate it than with the Nightmare Before Xmas Little Taps?

Each Little Taps is a shining star in Japanese toy technology. You see, we are only offering you Jack because he’s the coolest (and because he actually dances to songs from The Nightmare Before Christmas) – but there are many different characters from many different cartoons and movies. And they all plug together to form huge dance lines. You’ll have to hunt down other characters, but simply attach them to your Jack and they will follow his lead – not duplicating his steps, mind you, but adding their own rhythms to Jack’s nightmarish dance. It will take your breath away. But as we still want you to breathe, we’re only offering you Jack.

The Nightmare Before Xmas Little Taps can be picked up for $14.99.

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