Christmas Trees go wireless

Wireless Christmas Tree

If you’re going to lay out $400 for a Christmas tree this year, why not buy a tree with LED lights that can light wirelessly? It’s an exciting technology. Nearly a hundred years ago, Nikola Tesla envisoned a world where power could be broadcasted all around the world. And now, coupling low power LED technology with RF frequency technology is bringing a smaller scale version of that vision to the holidays.

The candy cane shaped multi colored lights contain wireless receivers that allow power to be transmitted using an RF Frequency technology smilar to Bluetooth with power transmitters that emanate from the tree’s center. The lights begin to glitter and glow immediately after being placed on the trees. There’s no tangled cords, no troubleshooting burned out bulbs that affect an entire strand, and because the bulbs are LED, they use far less power than conventional tree lights which enables a low voltage power cord to be used to activate the power transmitters.

Wireless Christmas Tree 2

Developed by Powercast in concert with the Philips company, the tree costs a stiff $395 and is mounted in a gold-finished urn (not sure why). Also pretty pricey is the bottle of pine scented Evergreen Tree Mist which weighs in at $30 a bottle. It can be found at Front Gate.

Source: Gadget Grid