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zipit-z21.jpgRemember the Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 that we covered back at the end of September, along with a reinforcement of the device earlier this month? Well, it is now available for purchase – and in time for the holiday season, to boot. For those who are still in the dark on what exactly is a Zipit, well it acts as a cure for those who just cannot live without their instant messaging programs (IMs such as AOL, Yahoo and MSN) no matter where they go. Zipit is compatible with virtually all major IM platforms, and best of all is it does not charge any fees, whether monthly, per message or otherwise. You can use the Zipit Z2 to hold multiple, concurrent conversations with friends without missing a beat.

The Zipit Z2 isn’t just limited to keeping in touch with friends and family, as it can be used to keep you entertained during those long commutes to and from work. This is made possible thanks to the built-in music player known as MyTunez, a service that provides instant access to the MP3 files which are stored on a separate miniSD memory card. Alternatively, you can always stream radio from the Internet, although that would probably mean you’d best stick to a place that offers WiFi connectivity all the time. In addition, users can also view their memorable moments via photos and slideshows courtesy of the integrated MyPhotoz feature.

The Z2 is highly customizable – an important feature when it comes to capturing the imagination of the younger market. It boasts the capability of unique backgrounds and themes which can be downloaded from the company’s web site. In addition, users who log on to the site will be able to indulge in several IM-themed games while working on the Zipitpedia – an online dictionary that helps clueless folk keep up to date with the latest 1337 5p34k (in other words, translations for IM lingo). The Zipit Z2 ought to be safe for kids since it features an interactive Parental Portal. In can be purchased for $149.99 a pop.

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Me Says: January 8, 2008 at 8:46 pm

They advertise the zapit like it works anywhere but really it only works where there is a wireless internet connection…so u cant use it in the car or at the park unless u have a wireless internet connection!!…Disappointed!

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