Latest Tech News – 28 November

by Tiago

Brookstone 3D Online Store

Brookstone introduces 3D Store

It is everywhere on the news that each year that passes people spend more money online, buying products, using services, playing games, making bets, and other related actions that require cash. Since we are near the Christmas season, the cult of buying gifts online becomes bigger, and the reasons are obvious: less time consuming, less confusion, and more practical.

To refresh the current state of buying on the Internet, which can be basically seen as normal website with a list of products, Brookstone decided to create a 3D Store. The “working” mode is kind of similar to the real life, you can:

  • walk around the store
  • browse products
  • zoom in to check specific products
  • view exact information about the product

One of the main differences when comparing it to the traditional online store, is the visual aspect: there is a whole scenario which is a replica of a real store, and so are the products. The 3D detail isn’t very usual (yet) in the Internet and on any kind of websites, therefore it is a new experience for many people.

Of course that there are some negative points while using a three-dimensional site, for handicapped people it can be rather problematic, not to mention impossible, to use it. And that is why the 3D store is just an alternative, and I guess it won’t replace the popular BrookStone that we’ve known for so long.

Visit the 3D Brookstone Online Store at Kinset.

PS – you must download the Kinset Shopping Browser to have the 3D experience.

Al Gore’s Blog Gets Hacked

In other web related news, the eco-friendly persona Al Gore, has seen his blog being hacked to display links to pharmacy products, like Cialis, Xanax, and many more. At least the links couldn’t be seen while visiting the site normally, they were hidden on the code.

Check a screenshot and more details about this story at RealTechNews.

Source – Reuters

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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