Insta-Snow – Enjoy Snow whatever the Weather


Insta-Snow 100 Gram Jar

We have a lot of bad weather in the UK but we don’t get that much snow to enjoy, this is were Insta-Snow could help, simply add water and hey presto, you have snow!

This is one of the coolest products we’ve seen. Just mix a scoop of Insta Snow powder with water to make an eruption of fluffy snow that will not melt and lasts for weeks. It’s safe to touch, non-toxic, and guaranteed to amaze. We’ve been mesmerized ever since we first laid eyes on this stuff.

You can buy a 100 gram jar of Inst-Snow for $8.95 from VAT13, cheap enough to snowball someone but probably not to make a snowman. Found via Gizmo Central, thanks Mike.

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