E-Light sheds some light on outdoor parties

by James


Though summer has given way to the dropping leaves of fall, as we march to the cold snows of winter, it’s never too late to think of outdoor entertaining. And with the E-Light Umbrella Light, not only can patio party’s be lit well into the evening, but the built in iPod jack allows for some wonderful music as well.

The cordless light is powered by six high energy LED lights which, thanks to the soft white case, can cast a soft glow across the patio table. It’s built in acoustically balanced stereo speakers produce sound quality that rivals your stereo inside the house. Very “bose” like. The E-Light can clamp onto umbrella pole up to two inches around, and features a standard headphone jack so you can plug in your iPod ™, stereo, or other media device.

Thanks to 4 rechargable NiMh AA batteries, the E-Light can run for up to six hours with both lights and sound at normal volume, or 12 hours with either lights or sound. It also comes with a charging stand converts the E-light to a music-playing desk lamp as it charges.

Available from Front Gate, the E-Light Umbrella Light runs for about $100 (iPod stand not included).

Let the party begin.

Source: Gadget Grid

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