Digital Money Jar Teaches Kids to Save their pennies

Discovery Jar Bank

It’s fun. It’s high tech. And it will count your pennies, nickels and dimes as you drop them in and keep a running total. It’ll even teach your kids the value of a dollar. That’s the promise of the Discovery Amazing Money Jar Bank. Made of high impact plastic, the Jar is unbreakable save for a sledgehammer.

The LCD mounted jar lid can recognize various kinds of coin currency as they are dropped inside, giving the user a running total as spare change is deposited inside The more it goes up, the more a child wants to put into it, giving them instant positive gratification for saving their pennies, rather than spending them on gum, YuGiOh cards, anything else that makes a kid a kid.
The only thing really missing from this great bank is the ability to roll the coin so they can be deposited easily at the bank. But that’s what those CoinStar banks are for at the market. Who cares if you have to pay them almost .10¢ on the dollar to take the change. It’s worth it to avoid rolling it.

The Discovery Amazing Money Jar Bank sells for about $13.50 US.