Solar-Powered LED Holiday Lights

by Carolyn

p16698a-3.jpgIt’s that time of year. Where people spend hours setting up all the outdoor holiday lights to create a light display that could signal alien ships currently circling around Neptune to come land on their front lawns. The lights are festive and create a great atmosphere for the holiday season, however, the downside is your increased electric bill for the month of December.

The folks over at X-TremeGeek offer a product that will help ease the pain of your electrical bill: The Solar-Powered 102 LED Light Strand. This nifty little product charges during the day using a solar panel and then shines all throughout the night using a light sensitive switch that turns the LEDs on only when it’s dark. This is so handy as you won’t have to remember to turn your lights on or off. It features 102 LED lights on a 40 foot strand and comes in the colors white, blue, green and red. It would be better if it had a multi-colored strand version as well, but I suppose you could mix all four strand colors together to get the same effect. It also includes a rechargeable AA battery and a stake for ground mounting. The only downfall is each strand will set you back $52.95, but the hope is you’ll use them year after year.

While this product will save you money on your outdoor holiday lighting bills, it won’t do anything for the idiotic, giant inflatable snowglobe sitting in your front yard, animatronic singing and dancing chorus of bears and elves (to the tune of Jingle Bells, of course) on your front porch and the giant neon sign of “Merry Christmas” on your roof. Actually, you should have your head examined for that last one.

[via X-tremeGeek]

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