Beanie of Frost Resistance – +15 to Geek Cred

by Carolyn

p16723a.jpgWhen I was a kid…wait, who am I kidding, I still do…I played Role Playing Games (RPGs). Everything about those games was all about leveling up and finding all these cool little weapons and armor and accessories to boost your levels even more. There were bracers which made you invulnerable to lightning, swords that gave you a +5 of fire damage and helmets that gave you a +15 resistance to cold. But they don’t make such things for real life, do they?

Well, the closest thing to the helmet that I’ve found is this Beanie of Frost Resistance over at X-Treme Geek. This cozy, knit beanie is made of man-made fibers should definitely give you a boost to your cold resistance. Navy blue with a frosty emblem and “+15 Frost Resistance” embroidered underneath. Nice and stretchy to fit most heads – human, elf or dwarf. Priced reasonably at 5 gold pieces (or $14.95 if you pay with US dollars), anyone can afford one – whether you are a level 1 half-elf monk, or a level 60 human warrior.

This gives me a great idea for more products: the Raincoat of Repelling (+10 protection against water); the Swim Trunks of Swimming (+5 range of moving in water); the Pot Holders of Heat Resistance (this one should be obvious). It could be a whole line of RPG-based active wear and household accessories for RPG fans out there in “meat-space”. You can all thank me later.

[via X-Treme Geek]

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