The Samsung FlipShot from Verizon

by Mark R


Considering that most cell phone cameras are just tacked onto the cell phone program, you usually get what you pay for, which is nothing. However, Samsung’s Flipshot may prove that the cell phone camera maybe as good as a real camera.

The Samung Flipshot is offered from Verizon, and it has 3 megapixels of camera and camcorder action. As you can see, the display is a nice rotating display for some serious action. The display itself is a 240 x 320 260k color TFT.

Other features include a business card reader, digital zoom, living wallpaper, V CAST capable, speakerphone, messaging services, VZ Navigator, as well as a personal organizer with calendar, calculator, notepad, alarm clock and world clock. It also has Bluetooth capability for headsets, car kits and other compatible devices.

One can only hope that cell phone cameras like the FlipShot will set a new standard for cell phone cameras. Perhaps there will come a day when we simply take out our cell phones to take pictures and have as much confidence in the results as we do our regular cameras. If that is ever the case, then the camera business could suffer a loss.

The FlipShot is available now at Verizon Wireless for $199.99 with a two-year contract.

Via Verizon Wireless

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