Square mouse ditches scrollwheel in favor of touch-scroll sensor



If you’re looking for a mouse that’s a little different from the rest, you’re not alone. Personally, I use a mouse that was designed for gaming, and take advantage of the extra buttons and features. Other people prefer to use something that’s a little more conservative. That’s exactly what you get with the SliMouse SlimPad.

This mouse is likely going to appeal to the mobile users. Its is smaller than most ordinary mice, which is perfect for those on the go. I’m curious to see just how comfortable the square design would be, as one wouldn’t imagine it to be the most ergonomic. One interesting feature that you’ll note is the lack of a scrollwheel. In its place you will find a small raised touch-scroll sensor. As you can imagine, it works the same as with any other mouse, but instead of a wheel moving, you just slide your finger along the surface to scroll.

The SlimPad will come in two different versions; one will be wireless, the other wired. The Model I will allow its cord to be stored inside of it, thus keeping your laptop case a little more organized. The Model II will have a wireless receiver, though there is no mention of the form-factor. Also absent is the information regarding pricing and availability.

Source: Chip Chick

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