New DS Lite Bundles Released!

zeldads.jpgI own the original Nintendo DS. Actually, it was the one that came in a limited edition red color and was bundled with Mario Kart DS. When I bought my Game Cube back in the day, I held out until they made a special Legend of Zelda package bundled with the first four Zelda games and a playable demo of the then unreleased Zelda: The Windwaker included. So, it seems that I’m a sucker for Nintendo’s bundled gaming consoles. What can I say? I do enjoy value in my gaming gadget purchases!

Today, Nintendo announced officially (amidst rumors of this new product) that it will be offering two new Nintendo DS Lite bundles: the Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Nintendogs: Best Friends editions.

The Zelda DS is a glimmering gold color with a Triforce insignia on the front and the Nintendogs DS is a rose color with a paw print on the front. Both packages also appear to come with some sort of medallion or coin or trinket that commemorates the bundle. Why, I’m not so sure. (Personally, I like the Zelda one the best.) Both bundles will retail for $150 and will make a perfect gift for the holidays, especially since it means that you are getting the game for $20. Considering games retail for $40, it’s a bargain!

Despite the fact that I already own a DS and Phantom Hourglass, I would love to get that gold Zelda bundle for Christmas (hint hint!). They should hit most major retailers after Thanksgiving.

[via Joystiq]