Latest Tech News – 21 November

by Tiago

Black Jack II

BlackJack II available on Black Friday

Coincidence or not, the BlackJack II smartphone for AT&T will become available for purchase on a popular day that is similar to its name – Black Friday – which is on November 23rd, in other words, 2 days from now.

The mobile device was announced on October during CTIA, and can be considered an upgrade from the previous BlackJack. As a true upgrade should be, the new Samsung phone has a bigger screen, an improved design, fresh colors, additional shortcut buttons to soften up the usability, and a jog wheel instead of the usual scroll wheel.

On top of the previously mentioned features, the BlackJack II comes with a GPS system and is compatible with AT&T Video Share. As for the price, $150 with a 2-year contract, and while the black colored version will be available this Friday, the burgundy model will only be for sale on December 6.

Halo theme song on Guitar Hero III – download for free

The theme song of the popular Halo game, which was supposed to be included in Guitar Hero II, will actually be available for free in the form of a download. Owners of the latest Guitar Hero saga, also known as Legends of Rock, have the opportunity to download the content tomorrow, Thursday.

Black Friday Deals

I’m positive most people are interested in checking the best Black Friday deals, and Cnet has come up with a nice list of products, such as: a Toshiba Satellite for $230, a Compaq Presario desktop priced at $400, and a 120GB external drive made by Western Digital that will cost $85. View more Black Friday deals on the slide show.

Source – CNet

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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