R/C Pirate v. Ninja = Coolest Thing Ever

by Carolyn

rc_pirate_ninja.jpgYou’ve all heard of the age-old battle of Pirate v. Ninja. Everyone has an opinion on which one is better (Ninjas are*) and everyone is very emphatic about their choices. Some people even come to blows over this particular choice!

Well, rather than let your adversary physically beat you into submission (or vice versa), go pick up the R/C Pirate v. Ninja set. In an odd twist of design, the Ninja and Pirate are tiny little inflatable remote controlled warriors. Each set includes one inflatable Ninja and one inflatable Pirate, each tuned to a different R/C frequency. Each unit moves forward, backwards, and turns on a dime with the attached, wired R/C controller.

I think it’s fun that you can use these inflatable sumo wrestler-like toys to settle the score over Pirate v. Ninja for all time. However, I wonder what would happen if a inflatable Cowboy shows up. I think the Pirate and Ninja would join forces and gang up on the Cowboy in the best interests of the natural order of the world. Having a three-way fight would upset the delicate balance. Everyone knows Cowboys suck.

Each R/C Pirate vs Ninja Set:

  • Includes: Two 13″ inflatable wrestlers (one Ninja, one Pirate) and two controllers
  • Batteries:2 9V (1 per controller) and 8 AA (4 for each Sumo) – Not Included

Pick one up over at Think Geek for $39.99 and settle the score once and for all!

* – The opinions reflected by this author does not necessarily reflect the opinions of coolestgadgets.com. Please don’t send us hate mail, Pirate fans!

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