Hybrid gaming keyboard gives you all the keys you need, but you still can’t type (well) on it


Wolf King Warrior Xxtreme

I’m something of a gamer, so I actually use a gaming keyboard and mouse for all of my work. While I prefer peripherals that can be used for everyday computing in addition to having the extra gaming functions, there are more hardcore players out there that want something more. That’s why products such as the WolfKing Warrior Xxtreme exist.

What is interesting about this gamepad is that it’s the first of its kind to actually include all of your standard keys. Looking at it you will find the entire alphabet, numerals, F-keys and even your arrow keys. Despite having all of these keys, I doubt that many people will be doing very much typing on it.

One trend that I really enjoy about many of the new gaming keyboards is the addition of backlit keys. Personally, I’m a fan of the red keys, but blue (which is what you’ll get here) still looks pretty cool. I play in the dark a lot, so when I do need to look for a key, it’s nice to be able to see it. You’ll also find a pair of USB 1.1 ports (yes, they apparently still make products with only 1.1 support) for connecting other devices. The WolfKing Warrior Xxtreme will currently set you back by $79.99.

Source: Ubergizmo

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davidvennik Says: February 13, 2009 at 6:15 pm

i already have a wolf claw with the regular kbd on the right, but personally i don’t like the wolf claw design for fps, my thumb feels almost as crinked as it does on a standard stupid kbd. however, i can imagine using that right hand section on that one as the actual game keyboard, it uses a more sensible grid layout and it’s about the right size to allow one handed access to as many keys near a ‘home key’ hand position that you’d need to play fps games that have a lot of control binds, most especially making better use of the thumb, i’d think that one would be able to successfully hit about 5-7 keys with the thumb, which would be very useful for things like grenades and melee and such

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