Solar powered headset lets you talk indefinitely in direct sunlight


Sun Bluetooth headset

There is one problem that plagues all mobile technology: battery life. Sure, some gadgets will last through many hours of use, but with most you are limited to a significantly shorter time. This is why I’m happy to see companies such as Iqua implementing alternative energy sources into their mobile products. Take their Sun Bluetooth headset for example.

To my knowledge, this is the first solar-powered Bluetooth headset on the market. Since many people use their headsets while in the car (where there is plenty of sunlight), this seems like the perfect solution. The headset is outfitted with a small solar panel which covers most of the unit. While in direct sunlight you can talk as long as you like without recharging. In indirect sunlight you’ll get an impressive 12 hours and in darkness you’ll still get 9 hours of talking out of it.

The Sun Bluetooth headset is surprisingly small, and shares the same basic look of most similar products on the market. Unless someone takes a good look at it, they’ll probably never notice that it has a built-in solar panel. If you do a lot of talking, you might consider picking one of these up for right around $100.

Source: Popgadget

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