SONY developing make DIY game application for Playstation Eye

by James


Everyone knows about the Playstation Eye, a video camera for the PS3 which allows gamers to place themselves inside certain games designed to interface with it. The Playstation R&D team has decided to take the concept a few steps further with the development of Playstation Eye Tech and Tech Lander … applications which allows users to scan any image – from real models to drawn sketches, and then bring them to life in a game application that rivals the old Atari 2600 gaming interface.

Focusing on simple games like Lunar Lander and Tank Battle, design engineers have successfully used the Playstation Eye to scan simple sketches of vehicles and landscapes, and even complex three dimensional images such as tank models and then animated them to be controlled within the game created on the spot. The application, though primitive, has promise to allow users to create their very own arcade style video gaming concepts without having to invest in development that often rivals the budgets of many Hollywood Blockbusters.

There’s no word on when the Playstation Eye Tech or Tech Lander application will be available for purchase, but for even the modest gaming fan, the ability to create their own video games in the Playstation universe would certainly take the PS3 experience to another level.

Video here and here.

Source: Game Trailers via TechEBlog
Photo Credit: IGN.COM

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