SNES Style Wii Controler for Retro Gaming Fun

If you spent most of your childhood playing Super Mario World on your Super Nintendo, you may just die from the nostalgia when you lay eyes on this product.

sneswii1.jpgMembers of Club Nintendo in Japan will have the opportunity to purchase a SNES style Wii controller in April of 2008. Retro gamers outside of Japan may have the chance to pick one of these controllers up in the import market – and it’ll cost you!

From the Gamebrink site, explaining what Club Nintendo is:

Club Nintendo is an official Nintendo club for Japanese fans. Membership is given as a type of commodity. Anyone who lives in Japan can eventually receive membership if the person gathers a certain amount of points which can be gained by purchasing and registering games published by Nintendo. They often receive nice and exclusive gifts from Nintendo, such as Wii remotes with television remote functionality, personalized imprints of their favorite Mii characters onto their Wii remotes, and exclusive & unreleased games, such as the recent Exclamation Warriors.

A Club Nintendo account can be linked to your Wii, and when Virtual Console games are purchased, they appear on the games registered list on your Club Nintendo account. You can then fill in a questionnaire for additional bonus points.

Personally, I would love to get a classic NES controller for the Wii…as soon as I can find a Wii to buy, that is.

[Gamebrink via Gizmodo]