Mini Phone Based Ghetto Blaster

mini-boombox-cellphone.jpgNow ain’t this a hoot – a built-in MP3 playing boombox that comes in the form factor of a mini slider cellphone. You can even opt to pop in your SIM card into the back of the Mini Boombox Cell Phone, whereby any incoming calls will result in it ringing, with the option for the phone to read aloud the numbers of incoming calls using voice synthesis.

Features of the Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone are as follows:

  • Mini cell phone features a sliding keypad and built in boombox for playing MP3 music files
  • Quad-band unlocked GSM Phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), GPRS Speed for Data
  • Powerful Amplified Speakers
  • Sends SMS and MMS messages. Supports SMS group sending
  • Can play back MP3 music files and display Movie Files
  • Supports MP3 or MIDI based ringtones
  • WAP Browser
  • Built-In Speakerphone
  • Optionally reads the numbers of incoming calls with voice synthesis
  • Built in 256MB Memory expandable up to 4GB
  • Transfer files via USB
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