Foldaway Binoculars


foldaway-binos.jpgNow here’s another gadget gift idea for your little on this Christmas – the Foldaway Binoculars.

Just brilliant! Binoculars that just fold completely flat and which an agent can keep in their pocket, until they are needed. Really good optics and just brilliant for when you are on a mission, or just to take to the theater, or horse racing. Suitable for 7 years and upwards.

I doubt you’d be using these at the racetrack though, since your dignity is worth much more than the £4.95 you fork out for this.

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Neagle Says: November 18, 2007 at 9:12 am

I had a gadget very similar to these about 30 years ago. The magnification was never that great but, good enough to get a closer view at a game. Good to see a retro gadget back.

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