Spaghetti Periscope


spaghetti-periscope.jpgThink spaghetti, and chances are you’ll have flashbacks of that lovely little Italian restaurant tucked away in a corner somewhere, with smells of fresh oven-baked pizza wafting through the air in addition to a delectable plate of spaghetti in front of you. Not with this Spaghetti Periscope though.

‘Q’ has outdone himself with this one!! A Spaghettii box that brilliantly turns in to a periscope for seeing over the tops of walls or around corners. So clever – even we can’t believe it! Suitable for 7 years and over.

Now that’s a hell lotta exclamation marks to describe a product. You can pick up the non-edible Spaghetti Periscope for £7.94 after taxes. Something more subtle would have been better IMHO.

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