Neonode launches Neonode N2 in Norway


Neonode from Sweden has just announced that it will be launching the Neonode N2 in the Norwegian market with Elkjop – the largest consumer electronics wholesale company in the Nordic Region. For those who aren’t too familiar with what the Neonode N2 is exactly, this is a touchscreen enabled cellphone that comes with a customized 2″ Neno touchscreen interface, a 2 megapixel camera, audio playback with support for MP3, WAV and WMA formats, and a miniSD memory card slot, all running on a worldwide quad-band GSM radio. As for Elkjop, it holds the distinction of being the largest operating wholesale and retail stores in consumer electronics in the Nordic Region and is owned by DSG International plc, one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in Europe.

According to Daniel Stålbo, Marketing Director at Neonode, “We are very pleased to have such a strong partner as Elkjop in the Norwegian market. With the launch of Neonode N2 in the Swedish market completed, we are looking forward to expanding our brand presence in the other Scandinavian markets.” Interested parties who might want an alternative to the recently released iPhone (for Europe) might want to check out the Neonode N2 as it makes itself available throughout Norway in the second half of this month. Don’t expect multi-touch controls to come with this though.

First launched in Greece this August, Neonode’s N2 has garnered critical acclaim but the jury is still out on why it isn’t exactly doing gangbusters sales wherever it is available. For those who aren’t residing in Norway, you can always look for the Neonode N2 in Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Sweden and through Neonode’s own webshop. Future launches will include other European countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Hungary and Czech Republic later this month. Would you be picking this up over the iPhone?

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