Latest Tech News – 14 November

by Tiago

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Microsoft Word will create audio from words

In the never ending quest for Microsoft Office to become more popular, they will release a plug-in that will transform the content inside Office 2007 files into audio. This new feature will be available at no cost, and will come in a shape of “Save as Daisy” function available in Word files.

In the geek world, Daisy is also known as Digital Accessible Information System, which basically are XML files that offer the possibility to be read by “speech synthesizers”. SourceForge is also collaborating in the creation of the new plug-in that is suppose to become available next year (2008). In case you are wondering, the digital narration service is specially used by different kind of people that have different kinds of “problems”, such as people with visual disability, or people that have the Parkinson’s disease.

YouTube steps-up file sizes to 1GB

If there is one thing that Google doesn’t have much to worry about, it is the storage capacity. Gmail has already seen a big increase in that specific area, and now offers 5GB of space, at least in my account it does.

With that being said, YouTube (which was bought by Goole) has recently announced that the size limit of video files that can be uploaded has been increased to 1GB, which can be considered a nice upgrade from the previous limit of 100MB.

Besides the big bump, the biggest-video-sharing-website-in-the-world, aka YouTube, has also added a brand-new feature that lets users upload multiple video files at the same time.

Source – CNet

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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