Drive Erazer gets rid of your data for good


Drive Erazer

I’ve done a lot of computer repair in my day, which means clients begging me to recover lost data on their hard drives. In many cases I was able to get at least a portion of their precious data, however, there were times that called for fancy equipment that I did not possess. But what if you have such sensitive data that you don’t want anyone to ever recover it? The Drive Erazer promises to permanently destroy all information, never to be seen again.

Whether you’ve you’ve somehow acquired a massive collection of movies and mp3s that you’re not proud of, or work for a government agency and have sensitive data, sometimes you need to need to make sure the data is really gone. Sure, you could always try some DIY methods that may or may not work, but with this little guy you can wipe your drive and load it with generic content in less than two hours. This way when the RIAA comes beating on your door or a secret agent steals your PC, their efforts will be in vein. The Drive Erazer will set you back $99 for the basic model, or $149 for the Pro, which will get you multi-pass erasing.

Source: CrunchGear

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