DiXX Digital Putter Improves Golf Game

by Mark R


DiXX, a company that seems to specialize in digital products for the golf enthusiast, has created a Digital Instruction Putter designed to improve that dreaded short game. Happy Gilmore could have used one of these things to find his “happy place”.

The Digital Putter can somehow track your swing path, impact position, face angle, swing tempo, and speed balance. I’m not certain what all those golfing terms just meant, but I could figure out enough to know that it looks like it could help you.

As you can see, the DiXX fits onto a putter, and will grade you on the five criteria listed above. If you meet the standards, you will receive a rewarding readout of “NICE PUTT”. It even has a “MY” Statistical data screen so a user can track their progress over time. I’m going under the assumption you can remove the computer from the putter, as the kit comes with a special weight for “recreational” use.

The digital device has an inertial Navigation System, and tracks the impact via Mirco Electro Mechanical System, which in turn helps the golfer learn to improve their stance and balance.

Hopefully, this will improve your game. You might want to see how much, for about $900 USD.

Via Product Page

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