U Rock Mini Guitar MP3 Player & Amp

urock.jpgNow isn’t this the sweetest looking MP3 player ever? Truly meant for those who want a hard edge to their portable music.

…this testament to guitar thrashing rock is (obviously a bit daft) in actuality, an iconic 1GB MP3 Player, complete with its own mini guitar amp speaker. It’ll hold about 250 of your favorite tracks, and scrolls through them sequentially. There’s no LCD display, or glowing little buttons, this MP3 Player is all guitar. It comes with a mini stand, so you can sit it on your desk, a plectrum as well as headphones and a lanyard for hanging it round your neck. So next time you feel the urge for a damn good thrash, grab the U Rock MP3 player and play air-guitar until you pass out. It looks super cool, and after all, that’s mostly what rock is all about.

This nifty and hard-rockin’ MP3 player retails for £49.99 a pop.

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