Glowing Globe lights up room and mind


glowing-globe.jpgThis Glowing Globe ain’t your grandpappy’s antique piece as it not only feature all the countries in the world along with night constellations.

…this beautifully detailed globe has a fabulous trick up its sleeve. When it gets dark, a light sensor transforms the globe from a map of the world to a magical and brightly illuminated map of the night sky. It shows 88 constellations all with their common names (far easier to remember), so not only is it fascinating and educational, it also makes a great nightlight. Beautiful by day and magical by night, the Glowing Globe is the neatest globe we’ve ever seen. This is two globes in one.

Sounds pretty neat eh – you get to kill two birds with one stone by lighting up the room while learning more and more about the world around you. The Glowing Globe is powered by a mains adapter and retails for £49.99.

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