Ruk Shuk for some wholesome fun


rukshuk.jpgIf you think you have some pretty snappy reflexes and a talent for constructing structurally sound buildings, perhaps the Ruk Shuk is just the toy for you (and your family).

The idea is to draw seven Game Rocks from the pouch then turn over a Game Card to reveal a formation. Players then have just sixty seconds to build as much of the formation as they can, in order to score the highest points. If your formation topples, you could end up with no points at all – aargh! Different rocks are worth different points according to their shape and stackability, so it’s a good idea to take a gander at the angles and surfaces of your rocks before you start building. Fiddly? It makes stacking irregular ice cubes seem a doddle. And remember, one man’s pile of rubble is another man’s megalithic ceremonial monument, so some of the easiest-looking formations often turn out to be utter nightmares.

Instead of getting yet another video game for your kids to while their time away this holiday season, why not pick up the Ruk Shuk for £19.95 instead?

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