Mood Beams Series Three


mbeas3.jpgHere’s the third series of Mood Beams to help spruce up your bedside table or even desktop if you’re one who is prone to working till late at night.

  • ‘Heartbeat’ makes them glow in a single color, but their heart beats occasionally in another color
  • ‘Rainbow’ makes them phase gently through a whole rainbow of colors
  • ‘Strobe’ has them flashing madly like a rave strobe
  • ‘Color Dance’ activates a set pattern of light changes
  • ‘Color Hold’ is, as it sounds a single color glow
  • ‘Sleep’ where after ten minutes of inactivity your character goes to ‘sleep’
  • Choose from Peppy, Chipper, Gloomy and Dizzy for £9.95 each, while all four in one set will cost you $44.95+. I’d say they make pretty good Christmas decorations, too.

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