Nintendo expands the DS with TV Tuner

by James

WanSeg TV Tuner

Seeking to make the DS more than just a personal gaming platform, Nintendo has released the 1 Seg TV Tuner, which not only allows gamers to watch their favorite shows, but also to bookmark and review images from the program later like a picture book.

The 1Seg Tuner plugs into the game cartridge slot and enables gamers to watch VHF and UHF TV signals. In addition, there is an accelerometer built in which changes the aspect ratio automatically when the DS is rotated, giving users options on how to watch their favorite shows. Also, users can also jot down notes as they watch. So, If students are watching a documentary, cooking show, or just about anything else, they can make note of interesting and important facts, web addresses, etc. to access later.

WanSeg Aspect ratio
Viewers can also create a full screen or letterbox variant should they prefer a widescreen image.

Accessories include a special high gain antenna mount for areas with difficult reception. Compatible with Nintendo DS™, Nintendo DS™ Lite, the 1Seg Tuner will sell for about $90 US and is available in Japan starting Black Friday, Nov 23, 2007.

Here’s a video of it in action:

Source: Engadget

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