Nearly 25 years later, The Last Starfighter game finally released

by Mark R


Normally, video games based off of a movie come out in close proximity to the movie. The fact that Starfighter which holds its inspiration from the 1984 film The Last Starfighter is coming out just now has to be some sort of record.

Some of you may remember this film that did so-so in the theaters. It was about a boy who was really good at nothing but this Starfighter video game, and was thus recruited by an alien (Robert Preston) to be an actual starfighter in an intergalactic war.

In other words, The Last Starfighter was every video game players dream. That one day their video game skills would actually be used to save the universe. Sadly, those that loved The Last Starfighter never got to play the game. That’s right, the actual game in the movie was never released, and I can’t help but wonder why. You would think with a movie behind it, it would be easy to market.

We have a company called Rogue Synapse to thank for Starfighter’s long-awaited foray into the real world. Apparently, Rogue Synapse’s mission is to take video games from movies and turn them into reality. I can’t imagine that will take very long. After all, how many fake video games have appeared in movies anyway? I mean, what’s next? Space Suckers? (I am referring to a very specific episode of Diff’rent Strokes.)

For those of you who might not be interested in spending some serious bucks to purchase the recreated game cabinet, you might be interested in downloading it here.

Via MAKE: Blog

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