Bluetooth Enabled DVR Pen

by Mark R

Bluetooth DVR Pen

I realize that a Bluetooth Enabled DVR Pen sounds like something that you could hook up to your TV and have some TiVo action going on, but that isn’t the case.

It is, however, a pen that is a digital video recorder capable of capturing video at 320 x 420 resolution, at 30 frames per second. It even has a microphone for capturing sound, believe it or not.

Apparently, it records to flash memory or microSD, and has a Bluetooth wireless transfer capability for those times where video must go straight to the computer or mobile device.

It was also designed to operate in low-light, and has motion detection capability. In fact, it even has five different motion detection activities. It can even send an alarm wirelessly to a remote site in the event that the motion detector picks it up. The DVR pen also has audio detection capability. So if there is a sound to be made, the recording will begin.

To be honest, I am not certain who would want this device. Perhaps someone who wants to be a spy, or a pervert who leaves these in ladies’ rooms. After all, who would suspect an ordinary pen? Unfortunately, the DVR pen doesn’t look like an ordinary pen with that weird lens-cap like thing on the end of it. At least, that is what I think it is. That might be a dead giveaway to any legitimate spy.

Details are pretty sketchy on this particular pen so far, but it should be out in March 2008.

Via Gizmag

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