Green Motor Oil … safe for the environment?

by James

High gas prices and global warming fears could be a thing of the past at for motorist who choose a special “green” motor oil that’s biodegradable. A company called Green Earth Technologies has created G-OIL™, the “first bio-based, high-endurance motor oil to provide superior performance during the maximum oil change interval recommended by vehicle manufacturers”.


The oil, which isn’t really oil at all but tallow from cattle ranchers also has the added benefit of being completely renewable and free from dependence on foreign oil. The process is also very efficient, as one barrel of animal fat can yield one barrel of G-OIL™. In addition, when mixed with a chemical called G-DISPOSOIL™, the used oil G-OIL™ can be converted into soil for growing crops and can be consumed naturally in the soil by microorganisms found there. Even G-OIL™ bottles are 100% recyclable and the labels are printed with soy ink on biodegradable paper.

It’s certainly good news. With a US Oil market of $7 billion – and most alternatives like ethanol using more oil to make gas from corn than what’s viable environmentally, G-OIL™could be a serious market contender if it pans out, since the resource it uses is consistently renewable. And not only will the environment benefit, but it also represents yet another option in releasing countries from the dangerous dependence on foreign oil which seems to be at the mercy of the political winds of the Middle East these days.

Course, PETA will hate it.


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