Animated Palpatine Maquette strikes fear into the hearts of Jedi


Animated Palpatine MaquetteI’m a Star Wars fanatic, I won’t deny it. I’ve got the posters hanging on my wall, and various figures and LEGO ships sitting around my office. When to look closely you’ll notice Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and many of the other famous characters. One important character is depicted only in my Empire Strikes Back poster, and that is Emperor Palpatine. I’ve noticed that there are generally a lack of good figures that represent this Sith Lord. Thankfully a new one is on the way.

This Animated Palpatine Maquette stands a good nine inches tall and is well, animated. Unfortunately it lacks any description as to what sort of animations it will have. Looking at the picture I don’t really see any joints that would allow for movement aside from the base. Perhaps they mean that the look is derived from the Clone Wars animated series. Even standing still his figure looks quite menacing. Gentle Giant will be doing a limited run on these, though they haven’t announced how many will be produced total. Each will be hand numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity for $79.99.

Source: Uber Review

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